In the afternoon of January 8, Mr. Trinh Viet Hung, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee had a working session with the Mission of the Thai Embassy in Vietnam and Thailand International Cooperation Agency. Attending the meeting were representatives of departments, agencies and People's Committee of Phu Luong district.

At the meeting, Mr. Trinh Viet Hung expressed his pleasure to welcome the delegation to visit and explore opportunities and potentials of cooperation between Thai Nguyen Province and Thailand, as well as introduce the results Socio-economic development of the province in 2018. Thereby, it is expected that the mission will study and survey to deploy the project to apply the theory of sufficient economic philosophy model of the late King Rama IX (Thailand) in villages in the province.

Delegation of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand in Vietnam and the Thailand International Cooperation Agency would like to visit, survey and explore opportunities to cooperate with Thai Nguyen province in order to achieve the goals of promoting the relationship. The relationship between Thailand and Vietnam is getting better and better, building a close cooperation relationship in community fields. Besides, Representatives of the Delegation also wanted to strengthen the exchange and cooperation relations between Thailand and Vietnamese provinces, including Thai Nguyen.

At the meeting, the delegation discussed with departments, agencies and Phu Luong district some information about the project " Sustainable development of the community applies enough economic philosophy theory" of the King Rama IX. The project aims to improve the lives of poor people through the implementation of activities to increase income, protect the environment, develop strengths and local resources for development to benefit the community. The project image has been implemented in nearly 80,000 villages in Thailand and applied in some countries in the world including Laos, Cambodia, and Chile.

According to the plan, on January 9, the mission will have a field trip in Yen Lac commune, Phu Luong district to prepare to coordinate the project of sustainablecommunity development to apply the theory of enough economic philosophy model of the late King Rama IX.

Phan Trang